The FutureGen-5 Team

Walt on the dock

Profile of
Walt Morgan.

Walt has been in business since the age of 7, when he sold flower seeds and greeting cards door to door. He mowed lawns at ten and opened his first business, a printing shop, at 25. A graduate of the University of California, Fresno, has his Master’s degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo’s business school. He has a background in building businesses from scratch, graphic arts, repro-graphics, retailing, ecology, and is a pioneer in urban recycling. Walt’s personality type is known as Water. His interests include doing postmortems on failed lives and businesses, research on personalities and tribes, and wrote a book on the origins of previously unknown causes of pain in the human body. Best of all, his work is believable.

Mary Lee Morgan

Profile of
Mary Lee Morgan.

Mary has a background in legal and business.  She is a graduate of Miller’s Court reporting school where she was honored with a full scholarship and reached the speed of 280 words per minute on Q and A.  She is among the very few reporters to have reach that degree of proficiency at the age of seventeen and while still in school.  She went on to own her own agency and become a pioneer in the art of real-time reporting. Mary Lee’s  personality type is know as a Wood.  She has also receive awards for music and she is an excellent, self taught, open ocean navigator.  She singly piloted her 42 foot sailing boat through the Panama Canal on a 3 year trip from Santa Barbara CA to New Bern, North Carolina.  But get this… She sailed that 6000 miles and never had a sailing lesson!  She is Unbelievable.


Profile of
Alex Morgan.

Alex’s  personality type is known as a Wood/Earth, he began selling candy at school at the age of 6.  He was a professional DJ at the age of 15.  He had a mobile DJ business while going to school and graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in psychology.  Using FutureGen technics after college he went to barber collage and soon after opened his first barber shop in Maui, Hawaii.  After selling his shop he moved to Loveland, Colorado and opened a new barbershop. He and his wife Laura worked to save money to open their restaurant.  Against tremendous odds and in only 5 years, His pizza restaurant ranks number 1 and number 3 out of the 40 pizza restaurants and is ranked number 50 out of 620 restaurants overall. There is 1 restaurant for every 258 people in Fort Collins.    It is a killing ground where millions of dollars are lost each year. Twenty-nine Fort Collins restaurants  closed in 2019, most were corporate owned and they had deep pockets.   Alex opened his top rated restaurant with two credit cards and some small savings. He is Unbelievable!    



Diana Morgan

Profile of
Diana Morgan.

Diana, after graduating from high school and using FutureGen-5 techniques went to beauty school and became a licensed beautician in 4 states. Most of all, Diana is an artist and is extremely talented.  She loves to party with celebrities and is bold in her interactions with the stars.  She owns an internet start-up called, Star Taggers. She has been a paparazzi, a movie extra, a cake decorator & teacher, a nationally known belly dancer, (dancing with the Black Sheep)  an interior designer, an Ebayer and worked at Whole Foods’ bakery. She is now a full-time RVer driving a 38 foot Winnebago Motorhome across the country searching for vintage mid-century glass and other treasures. Diana’s  personality type is know as a Wood/Fire.  When she can get the time she creates jewelry, that sells out quickly. She should have been a spy because her ability to see minute details. She is of course is…Unbelievable.


Profile of
L'aura Morgan.

Laura is a beautician and an expert in skin care and makeup applications and products. She is the mother of two and owns her own barbershop in Loveland, Colorado. She also owns a Pizza restaurant  Laura, is artistic. She comes from a artistic family that excels in both music and art. Her uncle designed and drew the cartoon character, Ariel, the Little Mermaid for Disney. Her dad is a concert cellist. Her hobbies include gardening, sewing, social media. She is the leader of her household, her days are very full but she knows how to balance the challenges in life and is full of knowledge about making a success at being a mother and an owner of two businesses. L’aura’s personality type is know as an Earth/Metal..  She is Unbelievable.