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Your life can be a simple plan of repetitive actions, or it can be chaotic and ever-changing. Some people are bored with life, believing it is always the same and unfulfilling (Rat-Race thinking). Others run to keep up with it and marvel each day of its changing landscapes (Fire Child). Each of us experiences days that are memorable and days that are lost in the mist. Here at Yellow Brick Roads, we explore life’s pitfalls and the epic high-water marks of life. We share what we discover with you.

You will be surprised by what you will learn about yourself as you travel your yellow brick road. Even more so, we tell you about the motivation behind those that want the best for you and about those for no apparent reason, don’t.
FutureGen is the learned ability to see where and what’s coming at you in life so you can get a tight hold of it before it passes you by or yell out at the top of your lungs, “Incoming!” and duck and cover.

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Some Life Coaching Examples

Yellow Brick Roads has found that simplicity was the answer to a less stressful life ….. But, most believe that to simplify your life you must not collect material things.  Here is the life coaching question.  Can you live without friends?  People are tribally social and they receive and give Social Points for being kind and friendly (sharing) with each other.
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When you have all the marbles.


Having a lot of ideas, contacts, and stuff to share makes people want to be around you. They want to be in your circle. You also will find long-term happiness and longevity knowing that you are wanted, needed, and loved by others.


  1. You are what you own and what you own owns you.
  2. You are wanted, needed, and loved by others because of what you are willing to share with others.
  3. In the Christmas Carol, Scrooge was first a lonely, unhappy miser; then, after a wild night of dreams that changed his life, he became a beloved philanthropist. It is not what you own or how much you own; it is how well you share and manage these gifts with others.


Before the world comes for your throat, hire the FutureGen-5 team to light up your future.
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Imitation Breeds Fame

How close is the Las Vegas’ Big Elvis, like the real Elvis?   His friends say he is more Elvis than Elvis.  “Imitation breeds FAME.”

FutureGen-5 Coach, Mary Lee with Big Elvis in Las Vegas, NV


Understanding Good Luck

How does luck work and how do you get your share of it?


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Star Taggers

Imitation Breeds Bonding

Mirroring breeds bonding with David Letterman. These two do not know each other and just met minutes ago at this party. In the white shirt, Alan Light is a “chameleon” who dresses like the celebrity he wants to meet and is accepted as an equal by them. He takes pictures, Star Tagging, to prove to his friends that he made contact with the star.

  1. Now you’re it.

Reading People

She holds a cup. What do you know about her? Some clues are her hair, the hand that holds the phone, and the coffee cup…

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The Best Experience Ever

"There are 153 different personalities in a tribe, We help you find your tribe and show you how to make them accept you as a full member."
Walt Morgan life coach
Walt Morgan
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