Looking Out For You and Your Future


It is Your life to Live

You only go around once, let's make it count

In most of life’s experiences, you are going to be new at it, maybe just flying by the seat of your pants, faking it until you make it.  if you make a mistake or get bad information it can cost you now and in the future.

We help you to get from point “A” to point “B” because —  Mistakes Happen. They will happen In your Career, your Business Choices, your Marriage, your Education, your Location and Major purchases, etc. A Coach can help You to avoid as many pitfalls as possible along your path to success.

We are a team of five. Two of your coaches are old and wise and three of us are working stiffs. Two of us are male and three are female.  If you are under the age of 75, you can be sure that one or more of us have been in your shoes. Most of the challenges of life that you are or will be going through, we have already put behind us. As the saying goes, “Time Will Tell.” We are here to tell you what we wished someone would have told us before we stepped on life’s banana peel.  We have put the time into life’s challenges so you don’t have to jump for the pan into the fire or vice versa. Follow us as we instruct you on how to steer a clear life course.

We Coach.

Most coaches don’t tell you what to do.  They help you find your own way by using the Sherlock Holmes method of deductive reasoning .  This way if you fail; well it’s your fault.

We take the bull by the horns and we tell you what to do.

If it is legal mumbo jumbo, we tell you to get a lawyer.  Otherwise, we just tell you what to do and you either do what we say or you don’t.  Easy Peasy.

We Show.

It is better to show you first  than to tell you what a mistake you made later. 

We soon will have You Tube videos on how to make successful life decisions in America.

We Tell

We tell stories and give case studies of what happens  at point “A” that makes getting to point “B”  impossible or possible.

Need Advice?


  • General advice is free and can be found on our blog post.  Personal, hands-on advice may be purchased through Pay Pal.

The 5's e-Books & Courses

We are working on this . It takes time to do them right

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Walt Morgan.

Life Strategies, FutureGen-5, Business Systems,  Personality Conflicts, How to properly start a small business. The 5 elements of Success.


 Mary Lee Morgan.

Travel, Painting, Raising kids, Woman in business, Music, Hand and Foot Care, Life Planning, Finding the Time.  


 Diana Morgan.

Jewelry, Travel, Photography, Being a Female Paparazzi, Cake Decorating, Food, Beer and Wine, Pyrex collecting, Ebay, Etsy,  Ghosting, full-time RV living. 

Alex Morgan.

Restaurant Business, Barbering, Living in Maui. The 1980’s Marketing for Success and Business Branding,

Collector cars.


Laura Morgan.

Hair and Skin Care, Makeup, woman in  business, swimming, Raising kids in the age of the Internet.